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FREE Maryland MVA Motorcycle Permit Test Simulator 2019 | MD

We’ve all heard the horror stories: Your friends have gone to the MVA to take the motorcycle knowledge test, only to fail it. However, they didn’t fail because they weren’t smart enough; they failed because they hadn’t prepared adequately.

You can spend your days studying and still not pass if you don’t study the right way. Don’t just bury your nose in a book. You need to take our practice test.

What Is the Practice Test?

This practice test is designed to look just like the actual MVA motorcycle knowledge test. The questions are based on the official Maryland MVA Motorcycle Operator Manual and are similar to the questions you will get on the actual knowledge test.

Because it is a practice test, we have provided a hint with each question. (For now, you are welcome to use the hints for some extra help. But as you get closer to your test day, stop relying on the hints. Prove to yourself that you can answer the questions on your own without them.)

If you choose a wrong answer, the test will show you the right answer. Write it down and study that topic in greater detail. It could come up on the official knowledge test, and you want to make sure you get it right.

It’s Almost Test Time

The big test day will finally arrive. On that day, you will have a very important question to ask yourself: Are you ready to take the official knowledge test? If you are, head for the MVA and take it. If you aren’t, go through the practice test once more. This extra bit of practice will help you get ready. It will likely be all that you will need to pass the test.

Taking your motorcycle knowledge test doesn’t have to be hard. You can make it so much easier by practicing first. Take this practice test and then get your motorcycle license!

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